Omni-platform skin analysis

What is Online Skin Analysis?

Omni-platform Skin Analysis: Online skin analysis is a new method of skin diagnostics that are becoming popular nowadays.

An increasing number of online stores mostly in the skincare and cosmetic sector are implementing this new type of service on their websites. By having an online skin analysis on a skincare website; it eliminates the customer’s need to visit a physical shop to ask for product recommendations. It also prevents incorrect product recommendations caused by human error.

How does online skin analysis work?

Most online skin analysis are analyzing the facial skin by using face mapping technology. Results will be shown based on the skin condition of the user. This can be a combination of a questionnaire + image analysis or just pure image analysis.

The Dermochoice Online Skin Analysis developed by CHOWIS features an accurate full facial analysis using advanced diagnostic technology that can be integrated to your site.

Dermochoice uses face mapping technology, and advanced algorithm powered by AI technology developed for this specific omni-platform skin analysis system.

It can be used as tool increase your online sales, and to make sure that your customers are getting the correct products to address their skin condition.

Is it available on all devices?

Dermochoice is an omni-platform web-based skin analysis system that can be access on any mobile/tablet browser, desktop, or laptop.