What is Anti-aging Face Yoga?

Do you want to tone your body to get that six pack abs you’ve always wanted? To achieve this you might want to follow those dietary programs, hit the gym, do planks, or ride a bicycle. All of these will help you tone your muscles, however have you ever thought of toning the contours of your face? Yes, you’ve read that right! There is a way to do it! It will not only help you achieve a healthier looking face, it will also serve as an Anti-aging exercise.

Face Yoga is an inexpensive, non-invasive, and very effective way of preventing your face from showing signs of aging. It’s one of the safest and non-toxic way of decreasing those dreaded wrinkles.

It is a practice which involves regular exercise by using your facial muscles, similar to what you normally do with your body to feel healthier and look younger.

While doing these facial exercises -the benefits will be worthwhile. By distinctively targeting, firming, and strengthening your facial muscles it will produce an all natural anti-aging effect on your face. It combines sound breathing and exercise to develop resilience from gravity.

Face yoga works on the same principles as resistance training. And most of the time, your fingers will be working against your face to provide the force of resistance to your facial muscles. It will help in strengthening and toning of the muscles..  

By exercising the facial muscles, it increases the blood circulation in the facial skin, which gives a boost to the skin tone and facial contour. Moreover, it naturally makes your facial skin brighter and tighter that leads to decrease in facial wrinkles. The final results will be a more symmetrical, radiant, and confident you!

Skin Anatomy 

The human face has a total of 57 muscles and they cover 60% of your facial structure. As you grow older, these facial muscles will slowly start losing their volume and start sagging. Gravity plays a vital role in this process.

Human skin is in close connection with the muscles and follow the muscles direction. If the muscles starts dropping and atrophy happens then the skin will not have any place to rest on, resulting to more wrinkles.

The good news is you can delay this process by involving different facial exercises like Face yoga. Since the muscles on your face are smaller in comparison to your body muscles, you will see the results in a much shorter time.

The increase in blood circulation in the deepest layers of your facial skin will help you supply more oxygen to your cells. It will serve as a detoxifying method resulting to smaller pores, lesser acne. and enhanced elasticity. Proper training of your facial muscles helps in gaining muscle volume to give your facial skin a natural face-lift. 

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Other Benefits of Face Yoga

This is a conventional approach, which naturally brighten, tone and tighten your face by regularly stretching and exercising your facial muscles

Some of its benefits are:

  • Increase in The Supply of Oxygen & Nutrient – Increases circulation of blood, increases oxygen and consequently nutrients flow to maximize absorption by the top layer of the skin. 
  • Regaining Skin’s Firmness and Elasticity – Regular face muscles exercising give proper nutrients and tone the muscles to show improved elasticity and firmness.
  • Speeding Up Skin Turnover – Speeding up the supply of nutrients results in a softer, more radiant, younger, and beautiful looking skin. 
  • Promoting Improved Circulation –The movement in facial muscles promotes improved circulation of blood and it’s an important thing to increase and maintain the skin metabolism. 


Face yoga will only be effective when you put effort to make it effective. The way you start working out on facial muscles is very vital. In order to attain the best possible results, exercises should be performed in the right sequence.  

Anti-aging Face Yoga Exercises for Beginners  

Here are some examples of Anti-aging Face Yoga exercises for beginners:

  • The Caty Eyes,  
  • The Entire Facelift  
  • The Good Bye Double Chin  

Points to remember: 

  • You must take hold of each exercise for 30 seconds  
  • Repeat each exercise for 3 times.  

Perform these exercises daily and then slowly you will see how easy it is to master all 3 beginner face yoga exercises.

Please remember that morning time is the best time to follow the routine of these exercises because it wakes you up, boosts your energy and clear your mind. 

EXERCISE 1: The Caty Eyes

This exercise is mainly for the eyes region and forehead of the face. This exercise will help you to get rid of stalled lymph from lower eyelid, lifts upper eyelids, and removes wrinkles around the eyes. This will help you to balance the hormonal system, reduce headaches, improve your vision, and brings energy back to you.   


  • Hold your head with your fingers and ends of your palm onto the temples.  
  • The ends of the palm have to be on the ends of eyebrows – check this in the mirror. 
  • Now, you have to press the muscles first by your palms, and follow by backward and up press.  
  • Then intensely you squint and close your eyes till the time you feel working of the below muscle.  
  • While doing this remember to relax your facial, shoulders and neck muscles.   

EXERCISE 2: The Entire Facelift

This face yoga exercise is for the entire uplift of the face. It lifts, tone and rejuvenates all 57 muscles of the face and neck. This also helps you to decrease/prevent the wrinkles on the face and neck. 


  • From your mouth make a narrow and long “O” and hold it for few seconds.  
  • Now, pull inside the upper and lower lips over your teeth and keep it firm and hold it.  
  • Give support to your chin by your finger in order to keep “O” narrow and long.  
  • Now, from the corners of mouth, lift your cheeks as if you would smile.  
  • Make sure not to create wrinkles near the eyes. To avoid this, on temples place your fingers and then press deep into the muscles and up. 

EXERCISE 3: The Good Bye Double Chin

This exercise helps in firming and toning the muscles under and around the chin area. This will help in strengthening the entire jaw, raising the saggy cheeks, decrease the “bags” (wrinkles) on both sides of the chin and also removes the double chin to make your neck skin smoother. 


  • Produce an “aaaa” sound from your mouth and smile.  
  • Now, put your lower lip over lower teeth and press inward.  
  • Now you push your jaw outwards as much as you can and at same time lift the cheeks.  
  • In order to check the right way – you will feel the resistance between your jaw pushing out and your cheeks pulling up.  
  • Lastly, when you cannot move your jawbone further, use your two fingers to cover the area around your mouth on both sides to stop the wrinkling. 

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