Skin Elasticity
Skin Elasticity is where your skin can be stretched and snap back to its original form. The lack of elasticity or loss of skin flexibility is called elastosis. It can cause your skin to look loose, creased, or roughed. When we age, our skin loses elasticity from time to time.
You just went to a summer trip and you overstayed your visit with your friend – sun. Your skin color is now lobster red and we all have been there. Sadly, there is no instant remedy or one-click treatment for sunburns. The good thing is I will give some pointers
Dehydrated skin surfaces upon a lack in moisture in the top-level layer of our skin called stratum corneum. It is part of the five layers of our epidermis, and it is the deepest layer that is made up of cuboidal and columnar cells. Every day, we normally lose water  especially
AI Beauty Counselor
Introducing the new Dermochoice AI-Powered Beauty Counselor developed by Chowis. Dermochoice is a new patented online skin diagnostic tool that can help you have a personalized shopping experience, whether you are shopping for cosmetics, skincare products, or treatments. Some of the features of the AI-Powered Beauty Counselor are available on
Skin pores are the small openings in the skin in which oil and sweat reach the surface from their respective glands below. There are two types of Skin pores: Oil Pores and Sweat Pores Oil pores: these pores are connected to your oil gland. You have these over the entire surface