Wearing a face mask has been part of our everyday routine in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. It is now needed in many public places, such as restaurants and grocery stores, as a barrier against the new coronavirus, which spreads through respiratory droplets. You’re not alone if you
Goat Milk Soap
What is goat milk soap? Goat milk soap is just what it sounds like: goat milk soap. While it is relatively new, goat milk and other fats in cosmetics and soaps date back thousands of years. Goat milk soap is produced using the conventional saponification method, which involves mixing an
Combination Skin
Every person has a dominant skin type. Some people’s skin types may be influenced by external factors such as weather changes and elevation, as well as internal factors such as hormonal shifts and the natural progression of age. To keep your skin healthy, firm, and supple, it’s critical to use
What is Sunscreen? Sunscreen is used to shield the skin from the sun’s harmful rays. They aid in the prevention of sunburn and accelerated aging (such as wrinkles, leathery skin). Sunscreens also reduce the risk of skin cancer and sunburn-like skin reactions (sun sensitivity) caused by certain medications (including tetracyclines,
What is a wrinkle? Wrinkles, also known as rhytides, are folds in your skin. As you age, the skin contains less collagen and elastin. This thins your skin and makes it more prone to damage. Environmental factors, dehydration, and toxins may all contribute to the development of prominent wrinkles on